Spel-Maker Management Games

Spel-Maker heeft meer dan tien jaar ervaring in het ontwerpen en produceren van management games, trainingsspellen in spelsimulaties. We develop and produce a custom made training game to address your specific learning goals. We will work closely together with the experts in your organisation, your projectteam or your HR managers.

We can transform an existing training into a game or a simuation, or we can make a complete new game about a specific theme or a specific chain process.

Together with our partners we offer a wide range range of existing training games and Serious Games as well. Please call us or email us for a free gaming consult.

Click TRAINING for a selection of our custommade training games.
Click EDUCATIONAL for educational games for governments and non-profit organizations.


  • Serious games are games with specific learning goals, digital or analog.
  • Use a game or game simulation to support a training for employees.
  • For small and large groups, with or without a game facilitator.

Started in 2004 we have designed and produced over 70 games and simulations for medium and large companies, government and semi-government and various ministries, colleges and universities.


  • Educational games are games for a specific target group or games with a specific theme.
  • Make an unpleasant theme the subject of a game and make it negociable..
  • We design the gameplay, handle the graphic design and produce the games, from 1 to 10.000 pieces.

Our custommade games make it possible to playfully address specific themes or learning objectives. Your target group will train skills or gain knowledge about difficult subjects in a playful manner.

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